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Scratches and dings are nothing to worry about when dealing with acrylic surfaces. Follow this guide to have your bathtub, sink or countertop looking like new in no time.

Acrylic sheets, which are used in fabricating bathtubs, sinks and countertops are made up of a solid material that maintains uniform composition and colour throughout. This can come in the handy in the event of any dings or scratches that may occur during shipping or any other household incidents. The consistency of the colour allows for a relatively painless process of restoring your acrylic product to look like new.


Minor scratches

To remove any minor scratches or dings, all you will need is liquid polish and a micro-fiber cloth. Using an all-purpose cleaner before-hand is a good idea to remove any dirt or debris that may that have rubbed into the surface. Once the area is clean, simply apply the polish and buff it into and around the affected area until you can no longer see the scratches.


Deeper scratches

Start by cleaning the area with an all-purpose cleaner. Next, get a very fine emery cloth sandpaper, dampen it with water and sand the area with even, circular strokes. Alternatively, a buffer pad will also work in this situation. Once the area is sanded, clean it with warm water and a micro-fiber cloth. Next, apply a white polishing compound with a clean micro-fiber cloth, rubbing in a circular motion, polishing and buffing the area. Finally, wash off any excess compound with warm water and a micro-fiber cloth. Before tackling any deep scratch acrylic repairs, it’s best to consult a professional.


Deep Chips and scratches

With large deep scratches, unfortunately a professional acryic repair person will be needed. Speciality tools are required for deep scratches and chips.