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When it comes to your bathroom, faucet choice is crucial in cementing the look of your design. With a plethora of styles and finishes to choose from, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the choices. Here, we'll lay out the most common options and help you decide which is right for you.



Requiring only one pre-drilled hole, single hole faucets have a unique look with a wide variety of handles and spouts. Most single hole faucets come with a decorative plate to convert a prexisting three-hole, 4" spread countertop into a single. Single hole faucets also ease the process of cleaning around and behind the faucet, a very handy perk. With these attributes, it’s no wonder that these are among the bestselling styles of faucet.


This mounting type requires a three-hole installation, with an 8” spread between the center of the two outermost holes. Almost always coming in three separate pieces, the widespread look is bold in appearance and convenient to use and clean. Leaning on the more expensive side, these faucets are not for everyone.




The more economical option, this faucet is a three-hole installation with a 4” spread, and is typically a single piece, mounted on a 6” plate. This faucet comes with two handles and a center spout, and has long been a good fit for many styles of bathroom. The 4'' design is starting to fall out of favour to the single hole faucet.



To accommodate the vessel sink, these faucets tend to be around 3-6 inches taller than standard faucets. Most commonly these are single hole faucets and feature a more accessible handle.


Wall mount faucets are of course mounted to the wall, which leaves your countertop free to be hole-less. Be sure to order a countertop that can accommodate such a faucet. Wall mounts can be tricky and you will need to be sure the spout reaches far enough out to reach the sink, as well as having the necessary plumbing run. Also keep in mind how deep your sink is, as splashing could be an issue for a shallow sink. The space created by using a wall mount faucet is a wonderful perk that will make cleaning a breeze and allow you to get more usage out of your countertop.


Your faucet most often should match the hardware on your vanity as well as the fixtures throughout your bathroom. Spot resistant finishes will aid you in cleaning without being detrimental to the faucet. Common choices include but are not limited to :

  • Chrome (brushed, polished, matte)
  • Black
  • Brass (polished, antique)
  • Nickel (polished, brushed)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Iron



Functionally the same, these classic handles come in a variety of looks and finishes.


A sleeker design, level handles are very easy to grab and turn and come in a vast array of decorative styles.


Primarily in single mount faucets, this style provides full smooth control of temperature and pressure.


Being motion activated, these faucets do not require handles but come with a side joystick that controls both flow and temperature. Most come with a manual override if needed.


Much like the touchless models, this faucet has a joystick that moderates flow and temperature and simply requires contact at the front of the spout to turn off and on. A wonderful way to reduce any water left behind when operating with wet hands, and a great choice for anyone with accessibility issues.